2017-01-06 09:57:20


Program of studies Management, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Sarjanawiyata Tamansiswa delegated three of its representatives to compete in OMANAJ (Olimpiade Manajemen Nasional - National Olympics in Management) held by State University of Malang. This event was aimed to create creative and innovative young entrepreneurs which can make qualified and competitive product based on local resources to push Indonesia economics growth. 

As top 15th finalist, Nala Tri Kusuma, Mar’atush Sholihah, and Alfida Indra Sarie had chance to participate in the Field Trip of OMANAJ 2016 along with other participants visiting small and medium enterprises in this beautiful city, Sentra Industri Tempe Sanan and Garuda Jaya Malang. Nala, one of the participants says that “Field Trip is an effective way for us to be closer to small and medium industries. Beside that, it can be a tool to build up sense of togetherness and solidarity among participants. She hopes that Program of Studies Management will be able participating to this event every year.”

Results of Field Trip participants know how to become young entrepreneurs who are creative, and innovative ways to create a quality product and be able to compete in the global market and be successful and be able to encourage the development of Indonesia's economy is more advanced.